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German study
I have been saying this over,and over.
In the years prior to the 1970's,high myopia prescriptions were rare. Minus 3 or lower,was common for people that read ,or did close work frequently.
But since the advent of computers,and people spending many hours a day on it ,there has been an explosion of people required to wear high minus prescriptions,often into the double digits.
To play the devils advocate, before the 1970's maybe there were not many opticians or reasons for people to need 20/20 vision. For example, if I was on a farm milking a cow or sowing it would not necessarily bother me to the degree that I would spend money to go into a town to find an optician. (Fictional argument)

So maybe there was always low grade myopia in a large portion of the population and we are just now fully proliferating the population with easy access to vision care. (Differences in countries could be accounted for by genetics)

Disclaimer: I do not believe this argument, but it's best to view all sides of the coin.


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