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My First Post
My First Post

I've been following this website for the past 5 1/2 months. Let me give a little background about myself. I started wearing glasses since I was 18. Now I'm 42, and my current prescription is -2 in right eye and CF(Count Fingers) in my left eye. When I was 3 years , I had an accident that left a scar in my left eye cornea. I underwent surgery for the same, but my left eye is lazy eye, never learnt to see fully, or so the doctors say. Probably, my left eye should have been patched for full recovery.

I've started doing Bates exercises since February 2014. During the first 2 months I noticed severe neck pain and that went away gradually. My right eye turned blood red 2 times. My ophthalmologist said that my eye was fine and that it was probably spring allergy (Hmm never had allergies before). I'm wearing contacts only when I need to drive, other times I simply take them off. I spend an hour a day; 30 minutes in the morning and 30 in the evening, practicing bates exercises such as palming, sunning, long swings etc.

My routine got disrupted when I went on a 5 weeks’ vacation from June 1st to July 5th. I could not do exercises at all. However, I completely gave up wearing contacts. I might have used them for 8 hours in total during this
5 weeks period. When I came back from my vacation, my vision still seems to be the same. Yesterday I went for my annual eye checkup, and my doctor confirmed that my right eye prescription has gone down from -2 to -1.25 and my left eye was able to clear the largest letter on the Snellen.

I know I've a long way to go, but just wanted to share my experience with you all. The postings here have been of great support to me.
Wow, great! Good work, and thanks for letting us know. Every success story helps convince the doubters it's possible to improve vision. Please keep telling us how you're doing.
I'm with you, gmr!

You have already done a great job! Smile

From -2.0 to -1.25. Smile

Keep it up.
For the past two weeks I've been able to see 20/40 line in a well lit room. Now the 20/50 line is much sharper and 20/40 is blurry, but still able to make out the letters without major guess work. How do I get the same results in a moderate to low lit room? Thanks in advance for any tips.
Last Friday I went to my Eye Doctor to get my left eye checked. I have limited vision in this eye from a childhood accident
and I have regular follow ups with my doctor. During my last Friday visit the Ophthalmologist also checked my right eye, which is the
one I'm trying to improve through Bates method. He said that I'm able to see 20/40 through my right eye. I need to go to my optometrist
to get my new prescription. My original prescription for right eye was -2(Feb 2014), which went down to 1.25 in July,
my current prescription I think may have come down to -1 based on what my Ophthalmologist said.

During my every day home vision tests, I'm able to see 20/40 line. The only problem is that it takes 15-20 seconds for
the letters to come into focus and for me to see crystal clear. The letters become blurry with my blink and again it takes 15 seconds
to get all cleared up, and it stays that way until the next blink. I'm hoping in the next few months, my vision will clear up.
Hey man, nice to see your progress ! from -2 to -1 in less than a year, it's amazing ! Like you, the focus takes about 15 seconds to appear, and disappear when i blink, but i think it's just the tensed muscles that aren't used to relax as quick as the other muscles ! Maybe instead of doing a session the morning and a session the evening , it'd be more beneficial to do short sessions of 5 minutes here and there, during work break, lunch, etc ! Keep improving and looking forward to see you recovering completely Big Grin

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