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Recovery from 6D: my experience and some questions
(09-29-2015, 10:40 AM)sleepmaster Wrote: I just tested at double -1.25s today(-1.25 in each eye)

Half a diopter improvement in 30 days, I like that.

Don't be that modest, I know you're proud of yourself, sleepmaster! Blush

Congratulations! I'm happy for you. Smile

You have my support to continue. Cool
wow, epic. i'm jealous :<
I discovered that around strong -1.75/weak -1.5, it became much easier to cycle through plus lenses since your eyeball won't lock up anymore. I was using the +1.75 lens at the time. Then +2.0, Then +2.25, every quarter of a diopter all the way up to a +6.0 plus lens. I would stay on a lens till I idn't feel anymore of a buzz on my eyes , and then I would go to the next quarter. I wouldn't read with them. Rather I would put them on for half a second, a few times of that, while looking at my laptop keyboard, enough to get that buzz sensation on my eyeball without the eyes locking up. Then I'd go outside and look into faraway distances. Those plus lens videos where they show eyes wide open and blinking, well I was doing that outside, not with the plus lenses themselves. My thoughts are that the first half a second of pull from a stronng plus lens s generally good, while wearing them for extended durations to actually read print, is not as good and it's better to use extreme distances as your plus lens so to speak. The downside of the plus lenses no longer freezing up your eyeball, is that it starts taking exponentially more plus lens to get the same buzz on the eyeball to stimulate it to change shape. It's not surprising since going from -3 to -2 means pulling out the blur point .16666 meters, and going from -2 o -1 is pulling the blur point out .5 meters, and 1 to 0 is pulling out the blurpoint to 15 feet. I suspect that I have a joyride to -1.0 even, after which I have to grind again like before.

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