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Recovery from 6D: my experience and some questions

I wanted to introduce myself and also post some questions I had about my recovery.
've been wearing glasses for about 27 years. My prescription in 2007 was a -5.25/-6.75. In 2012 I found an optometrist who agreed to reduce it to -3.25/-4.75 for 20/40 correction. After I found out what my prescription was I worked on my own over the span of a year (in 2013) to carefully reduce it in 1 diopter increments.

Fast forward to today: I wear a -0.25/-0.25 glasses for daytime driving.
I'm able to confidently drive in the daytime with these and can see most road signs, but my vision isn't perfect. My questions are:

1) The vision quality/amount of blur fluctuates a lot and seems to be affected by the muscles surrounding the eyes. When those muscles cramp up, the vision gets blurry, but when they relax they get clearer. I can also feel the muscles at the side of the eye working when the distance vision clears up.

This is very different from the case of wearing strong glasses, where everything is crystal clear all the time and there are no fluctuations in vision.
Is normal vision supposed to fluctuate like this? Will it ever become HDTV sharp 100% of the time?

2) Night vision is still poor. The green light from a traffic light at night appears as a starburst of multiple lights instead of a single, sharply focused image. Sometimes I also get a ghostly haze or halo over objects. What causes this poly-oplia? This doesn't seem to be improving at the same rate as my overall distance vision.

As a result I've been avoiding extended night driving. I have been able to et by with a -1D on short distances over known roads, but I'm afraid to go on the highway.
Any suggestions here for building up to being able to drive on the highway at night?



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