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Recovery from 6D: my experience and some questions
Okay so I took some eyechart measurements. I do find a big disparity between lighting conditions and taking them at the end of the day and first thing in the morning.

When I checked yesterday it was around 11PM after a day of computer work and evening of close reading on my ipad. My eye muscles felt cramped and everything was initially fuzzy. It took several minutes to clear the 20/40 line.

Then I checked again this morning after waking up. In a few seconds (and a few blinks) I was able to see the 20/40 line. As I spent a few more minutes in front of the chart and started tracing letters things started to clear up even more. With my weaker right eye I was able to eventually make out 20/30 and with both eyes together I could see 20/30 and roughly see some letters on 20/20 but not quite get to 20/20. The vision kept fluctuating but overall when the chart went out of focus I was bring back into focus at least the lines on the 20/70-20/40 range with a few blinks and I could feel the eye muscles on the side working. Eventually the eyes felt "worked out" and I figured it was time to stop.

I'm going to start practicing with the eyechart some more. It looks like the main things I need to work on is that the eye muscles (when tired) tend to get "stuck" on the close range and then take a while to "warm up" to seeing distance. I'd like to get it to the point where the adaptation to distance is nearly instantaneous under all conditions. Let me know if you have any tips.

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