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Recovery from 6D: my experience and some questions
Hi, vavst 4.

Congratulations on the success in your vision improvement program.

It's an astonishing achievement: after having more than -5 in 2012 forward to 2014 you're already in the 20/40 zone which is roughly -1. So far you cleared four diopters which is an impresive result.

For further improvement make a habit to look at smaller and smaller details all the time, and make a daily habit to look at the distance (at least 10 minutes every 4 hours). As bigger distance - that better. That's something we don't do enough in modern times. Throughout history people looked at the distance much more than people today and looking at the distance is very beneficial to us as it relaxes all the visual aparatus. Pay attention that you don't strain to see - just look. If your vistas are blocked - look at the clouds: they are miles away.

Have you tought to incorporate an occasional face massage into your program?


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