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Recovery from 6D: my experience and some questions
This is a citation from sleepmaster's post at another symilar thread. (I'm giving the answer here cos so makes sense to me):

(08-13-2014, 11:08 AM)sleepmaster Wrote: I go to an optometrist every month for an eye exam to keep me honest since I tend to overestimate my visual acuity since I'm a good blur interpreter.

This is great - I support the attitude that honesty is important during the visual imporvement program. And I would add another thing to this: to find a will to continue with efforts to improve your vision even after discovering you're not progressing so well or you're not progressing at all. Or you're regressing. Dishonesty is for the weak.


It's great you eliminated one and half diopter since the start of this year. What you're experiencing now is your first plateaux and this is rather typical for most of the people who do something to improve their vision naturally.

The plateaux is crushed by changing the exercing routine or by enriching it with something new and that can be a new exercise or a set of exercises, a slightly edited or totally new approach to whole this matter of improvement but it can also be something that seemingly doesn't have anything in common with the state of your eyes: a new sport, a new hobby, or say discovering a very effective meditation. Oh yes, even finding a girlfriend can help.


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