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Recovery from 6D: my experience and some questions
(08-13-2014, 03:00 PM)sleepmaster Wrote: I want to stress that I put a lot of effort into what I do and I am a vision improvement fanatic even compared to people on this board.

Zero diopters or bust. I want it all.

You have already had a great improvement in this year and it's a fair reward for your efforts and your fanaticism.

Just be aware that it's very hard to dictate anything to our biology. We can do it to some extent but beyond a certain limit it's not very wise to do so as one can get some negative feedback. Those ones who go to the gym know this very well. Many of them have hurt shoulders, back problems and injured joints just because they wanted too big muscles, too quickly and didn't pay attention to their actual body needs and potentials.

I have a feeling you'll have more improvement but I wouldn't be very surprised if you'll have another plateaux once you reach -1 diopter zone.


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