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Recovery from 6D: my experience and some questions
Yeah I've learned the price for overtraining my eyes.

I don't like how I'm slowing down in the low -2s so I started palming much more frequently this week, 20 timess a day for the last several days. I've tried every palming position known to man, but now I palm face down on a bed with a pillow under my forehead, using gravity to palm with some pressure on the acupressure points in my forehead. That way the palming feels more like a deep message at the same time. I still make sure for the bottom of my hands to graze my cheeks to take advantage of the relaxing sensation of touch as much as possible for the visual system.

For those out there that say palming doesn't work and it's just a temporary phenomenon where your eye is seeing the illusion of better vsion, well doesn't even that illusion become a memory of your visual system, a superior form of imagination if you will, a memory your visual system can draw upon to try to replicate without palming by ever so slowly adjust the muscles that grip and shape the eye to what the visual system is tricked into seeing as the new normal. A palming session is like going forward 10 steps and even though you give back 9, it's still worth it.

It seems like the -3 area is a common plateau from what I've seen. Bates once said a person's vision is an aggregate adaptation to the various enviornments one is in in their daily routine. I think when you're -4, -5, -6 myopia, and worse, the enviornment with its distances is more of a stimulus to lessen your myopia than when you're at -3.

My first mini-plateau was around the -3 area as well. I thought I was accomodating too much for close up work, so I started using my computer with outstretched arms and trained myself how to interpret blurry print on a monitor, which was a pain initially. Basically pushing print without the plus lenses. I do use a +0.5 plus lens for reading now, but that's after it became too inconvenient to type with outstretched arms. And I want to stress I not only use the mildest of plus lenses, but I only use them for defense.

I don't think it's wise to use plus lenses that are more than 3.5 diopters away from your visual acuity. I've worn corrective lenses for nearly 30 yrs of my life and I was overprescribed by 1-1.5 diopters when I was a kid, and that combined with using glasses for close up work wrecked my eyesight. Well Just my opinion, but I think you use natural means to get to -3, and then you can start to use the weakest of plus lenses very carefully, and palm more frequently when you do that.

That brings me to another point. I'm in the low -2s and improvement is clearly slowing down, and since I've been doing primarily natural means to get here, I'm now at a crossroads. I know the distances in outdoor enviornments aren't the same stimulus they were 2-3 diopters ago. I want to know if there's something else out there besides jumping the plus lenses from +0.5 diopter to+1.0 for close up work. I guess it's about time I upgrade to the +1.0 since +1.0 where I am now is like where I was when I using the +0.5 when I was -2.75.

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