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Recovery from 6D: my experience and some questions
I'm still using the +0.5 lens for close up work involving print only, computers, reading. And even when I use it, I'm making sure to blink and palm more frequently than normal and to take them off every other minute to look out the window just above my monitor.

I wear a cap at all times with the rim of the cap not letting me see over the monitor into the distance unless I raise my head. I only allow my field of vision to have the minitor and stance both, if I'm not using a plus.

The close up distances have to be just right. Definitely outside the blur point, but no more than that. You don't want to lose the pull from a plus lens due to using it too liberally, but you also don't want to use it too close to just outside your blur point and feel too much puling tension. You want to keep your vision improvement, not just experience a temporary vision improvement after using a plus.

I also ordered a bunch of different pupillary lenggths from zennioptical. The fit has to be just right, because with a lens, any off measurement even if just a half a millimeter, is felt, and magnified. You can measure in front oa mirror all you want, but you dont know untill you put on the lens.

Anyway, I'm just very strict on how and when I use plus lenses. With my eyes, using a +0.5 lens is using a prescription that is 2.75 diopters away. That's analogous to using distance glasses that are 2.75 diopters too strong for you, just in the other direction. I think the stress on the eyeball, cataracts, etc, is related to the absolute value diopter difference of a lens to your prescription. I think the maximum load principle is foolish. Fixing your eyes is not like llifting weights. I just cringe at the idea of using the strongest plus lense you can make out print with, especially after just a couple months of "ocular sitretching exercises".

Not saying you are doing any of this. Just felt like commenting on some of the stuff I've seen on the internet.

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