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Recovery from 6D: my experience and some questions
(08-22-2014, 08:43 AM)sleepmaster Wrote: I can fluctuate a quarter of a diopter depending if I'm having a good vision day or not.
I can tell my vision by the blackness of stuff during the day and the size of light halos at night, so I don't generally read eye charts to check my vision.

Obviously if I am exposed to a bunch of glare leading up into the exam, I'd expect around a quarter of diopter worse exam results to be very possible.

But despite that, I do see diopters as the purest correlation with axial length, which is what I think myopia really is. Three diopters corresponds to roughly one millimeter in axial length.

I have no allegiance to the Bates method or any method in particular. Although I think delaying a plus lens as long as possible is prudent, if I get stuck at 1-2 diopters of myopia and I don't want to wait a few years, there's a good chance I'll up the plus lenses to finish it off if I don't find something better. I wore corrective lenses for the whole day for many years of my life, and temporarily using lenses in a mild manner in contrast to the maximum load way of doing it, isn't likely to give me cataracts in and of itself. That's only increasing my lifetime usage of lenses by a couple percentage points if that.

The eye chart in the Bates method is far, far more than for just checking one's vision. I find it a little odd that you would rely on a much cruder means of checking acuity, for someone who seems so obsessed with exact axial length, diopters, and other conventional optics. Acuity, even refraction can vary when all other things are seemingly equal. Perfectly shaped eyes with eccentric fixation can exert all sort of strains leading to poor vision. There may be some correlations, but diopters are far from pure, especially when it comes to ones unaided acuity.

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