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Recovery from 6D: my experience and some questions
The halos around lights at night works well since refractive error is magnified at that time. It works for me since my eye exam results tend to be what I expect.

For most people side things like ciliary myopia are more easily dealt with compared to the more permanent hard to get rid of form of myopia. And astigmatism tends to go away before that form of myopia is fully cured. So even if it doesn't start out as a predominantly axial length issue, it tends to become one over time after they've been at natural vision improvement for awhile, hence diopters. If someone has some pathology adversely affecting their vision, of course that's different, but I think for most people here, it's an issue of the excessive length of the chamber between the lens and the retina.

I have an eye chart on my wall, but it's purely to bring out blackness from print at a distance. Any line I can read I have taped over, so the only lines uncovered are the 20/15 line and the 20/10 line. I short swing at those two lines around 10 ft away.

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