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An increase in free time over the ages
I remember learning along time ago in school that one of the things which started the spurt in the evolution of humans was the amount of free time they started to have when they started farming. This allowed for more artsy developments and more thinking, maybe even more of things like dancing and just enjoying life. Maybe these types of things were the fertilizer for new ideas, new inventions to make things easier/more efficient which in turn allowed for even more free time, or at least changed the daily life of the average person. It's just interesting to learn about how things like this have unfolded over time and also makes me wonder about what life was like during the time of Bates. We've just come such a long way since then that I feel like the way natural vision improvement is explained today needs to become or should be different to fit with this society if it wants to make a better impact and become more well known. It almost feels as if we are translating between two different languages here.


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