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Beware; Avoid Eye Surgery doctors posing as Natural Teachers
This lady's post was deleted by 2 forum owners due to threats, pressure from eye doctors.

She re-posted it on her blog;

The eye surgeon is really in Iowa, uses a phony name to pose as a natural eyesight teacher in other countries. He is really a big time eye surgeon. He teaches a unnatural method, 'plus lens-anti-corrective' which causes cataract and other eye-vision damage. He has many affiliates that refer to him. Once the person's eyes are impaired, then he and his affiliates link to his real name, address in Iowa for surgery. There's may surgeons working there.

Be careful when seeking Natural Eyesight Improvement. Use the true Bates Method. Avoid dishonest people that pose as Bates teachers, but are selling unnatural methods.

If you're going to accuse someone of something like that here, you have to back it up or I'll delete it out of principle. That lady's blog post doesn't even have clickable links. I copied one link and it doesn't show what she says it does. Her whole post sounds scatterbrained.
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