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Wonderful LASIK, is it?
Actually, usually when I hear of LASIK it's a TV special about people's vision getting destroyed, or websites about complications from the surgery. One website that's been around for years is

If someone's vision has been very stable for years, who goes to a skilled surgeon, is likely to get the best results. But even so, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, period. Even ruling out the "failed" surgeries, a "success" is an arbitrary criteria where someone sees at least, say, 20/40 after surgery. A person who after vision experiences double vision, starbursts, bad near vision, constant pain, dry eyes, and whose cut cornea flap gets dislodged is considered a "success." It's too bad that there's so much good marketing for a procedure that is so dangerous.

The most important thing to keep in mind is they aren't shaping a camera lens. It's dynamic human tissue they're cutting and burning away. The eye was not made to cope with that kind of damage. Hell, my finger wouldn't respond well to that, much less something as fragile and sensitive as my eyes.

The second thing to keep in mind is even if someone gets through the surgery with virtually no complications and is 100% happy, it's a relatively new surgery and there's no telling yet what's likely to happen in the future to their eyes, especially considering how much abuse people with vision problems inflict on their eyes already.

And the third thing is LASIK is no substitute for normal vision, any more than glasses are. People who strain their eyes experience so many other problems other than defocus of their eyes, problems which they often wrongly assume people with normal vision also get, including tired eyes, bad morning vision, light sensitivity, and all the other mental and physical consequences of inflicting chronic strain on oneself. These things do not go away with surgery, because they are a matter of how you use your mind and body.

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