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Yelaina's Diary - Newbie
I posted something, but thoughts were too tangled. Takes it out.
Something was there. Sad
A post was here. Nonsense. Hence deleted.
Previously I have tried to figure this out by the intrinsic point of view.
I am now taking a look from the extrinsic point of view.

What do the eye movements of people using their eyes normally look like?
I have a question.
Is there a way to look at a light source and maintain that clear shape of the the light source as it moves further away?

Yesterday while I rode in the backseat of the car with glasses off at night, I looked out the window, and I saw the car head lights and tail lights next to my car go from clear to a circle of splotted light. It becomes a circle as it moves away from me in a distance.

When myopes take off their glasses generally they see light sources as circles, and not the shape of the light bulb...
Hi Yelaina,
Great discovery! Good point! You've noticed that your myopia doesn't fit the way it's supposed to be.   That's because myopia is caused by imperfect imagination and not a simple misfocusing. Next time cover your eyes and rest them for the entire trip while someone's driving you instead of allowing your mind to imagine things seen imperfectly.   Cool
Blowing Twin Bubbles. (Poem-Story by Yelaina Feb 17, 2016)

When I open my eyes
I see my world,
so colourful,
many meters beyond my eyes.

"hey it is blurry",
the inner bubble says.
"Be careful", said the bubble wand 
"It is a glycerine bubble"

i reach to touch the trees on the outersphere;
shaping my globby hand by the stress of air.
touch (a squint), the pine leaves come into view.
prick, "ouch, you gave me static" said the outer-bubble.

The outer-bubble twists free from the stress, 
waving a cellulose cell wall membrane further out away from the globby hands of cytoplasm
"Don't bother me please." said the outer bubble.

[From the outer real realms in the eye doctor's office.]
The optician looks at the eyes, he gazes at the brown cell wall iris, 
"your eyeballs looks stretched, a very long eyeball."
and declares:
"May I offer you diatom-bubbles?
Silicons and carbons, so shiny and glassy.
Seldom breakable, very durable.
A little bit expensive, but comes with a very stylish frame. 
No need for your fairy godmother's wand, with this frame."

[Back home in the backyard, mature glass ornaments decorate, and the childish bottles gone.] 
True unbreakable.
True durable.
True almost impossible to trade for fairy dust.

If you want to buy fairy dust you need to learn to wield the dusty blue.
Saturday February 20, 2016 (I washed dishes without glasses to Var in D Maj)
Yesterday I wrote a response to Kabuto.
Then when I washing dishes last night with my glasses off,
I remembered this piano song Variations in D Major by Dimitry Kabalevsky

I allowed each shift in eye attention to represent a shift in notes/sound that I heard.
Because Variations in D Major shifts and repeats alot, it makes an interesting game of attentionshifting.
Like I will pick out the window, dinner table and my hair framing my face to shift, and when I spot a new note I will have to pick a new object like a dish to look at. 
Changing to the next phrase of sound I would have to pick new objects.
If the sound is held, I would hold my gaze on the object, usually it is less than 2 seconds before the next note comes.
Chords at the end is like shifting between grounds rapidly.

Before I slept I also wondered if I can do something likes scales that I do on the piano before I start playing.
I decided to try ABCalphabet song. I divided the view infront of me like a rubrics cube of 3x3x3 cubes or 27 cubes.
I than sang ABC in my head. However the alphabet has only 26 letters to my disappointment. So shifting attention from Top-background, mid-top background, right-top background, right-mid-background, center-mid-background, ....
I finally reached a ground near me but  z almost stopped the song. I filled it with next time wont you sing with me.

Any ways the ABC song was boring. But Kabalevsky's Variations in D Major works really well as a game.
The guy on youtube plays it too fast. If you find something to look at hold the note along with the view.
I suggest memorizing the song and pick the rifts that you like to work with at your own speed.

Through the process later infront of the mirror
I noticed that because I wear glasses like alot (all the time), I feel uncomfortable when I see the edge of my face or my hair framing my face, or the sides of my nose, when I have my glasses off. I also notice that the iris of my right eye that is further from the light source expand (to let in light). Little things that I a not use to seeing. Interesting but also very new.
Do normal people without glasses see so many things? or are they desensitize and habituated to ignore these trivial bits of view?

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