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Proven! Eyesight Greatly Recover - Try This Chi Gong
Hey all, long story short I'm greatly interested in Chinese medical and Chi Gong and lots of stuff along side of natural cure just like recovering eyesight.

Chinese Medical explain that, most poor eyesight are caused by poor blood circulation and caused by weak liver which don't sleep often, stress etc.

I just do the random training and my eyesight was recovered, I'm so surprised!

My shortsighted were both -1.75 and astigmatism were -0.75, but I can see greater than before now, and I'm so happy.

The steps are simple, but I'm not great on the define.
Please pardon me, and let me know which part bugged you.

To simplify it, this is a breathing method to exhale all unwanted heat from your liver, your lung, chest etc, so your can have a healthy body and mind.

First I want you to understand what I mean by the word "intention".
For example, a mosquito bite your arm, and your intention were all focusing on the itchyness.

Here we start...

First please examine the picture, memorize where's the "dan tian" and where you should focus your "intention" to breathe the oxygen to,

[Image: dantian+vilafranca+del+penedes.png]

1. Relax your self.
2. Focus your "intention" on your "dan tian"
3. Deep breathe.
4. Hold your breathe slightly.
5. Shift your "intention" to your chest, or liver.
6. Exhale the "heat" oxygen from your body. (you can try focus your intention on where the "heat" locate and then exhale)

The point is to exhale the "heat" that bugged your body system from working fine.

You need to slowly repeat the step a few times, and locate where your "heat" were stuck, and then exhale them.

I recovered my eyesight just in a few days, I guess it's around 2 to 3 days.

You may don't believe, my eyesight recover by -0.5 from -1.75, both eyes but my astigmatism -0.75 has not recover, I need to think if there's any potential on removing it too.

And what surprise me is that I get so tired at night that I can't help myself but go asleep. The ancient suggest that 11PM is the time when our liver detoxify our toxic. And liver is what effects our eyes.

I used to have a clear image on the big mirror only when I was 15-20cm, but now I can see myself at the range of over 50cm, I found it really surprising so I would like to share them to you.

Let me know your feedback for this method.

I found a cure for my temporary astigmatism, my astigmatism is cured my colded, not sure if it will help you or not but try it.

try rub softly on this position, it may powered up your eyesight a bit
A new and very different concept I have seen in it, thanks for sharing such an interesting Thread.
(11-23-2014, 04:05 AM)RSW2892 Wrote: A new and very different concept I have seen in it, thanks for sharing such an interesting Thread.

Thanks, it has proven to me, let me know if this works for you as well,
I testify this method is one of the best and easiest methods out there that addresses the root of the problem which is emotional blocks (unexpressed anger) stored around our emotional center which is our liver. The heat symbolizes letting go of anger.
Thanks for sharing.


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