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Is this the Bates method in detail?
Here is a product.

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Is this the Bates method -- or a rip-off?

I have watched him change his understanding regarding the Bates Method overtime. Back in June 2005, he thought it was about 'eye exercises'. Citation: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=";">;</a><!-- m -->

Since that time he's begun to realize that the Bates Method really has nothing to do with 'eye exercises'.  Edit: I read this a long time ago and unfortunately, my reasoning was distorted then. But allow me to rectify what I said earlier: it would appear that Mercola has known Bates Method is about correct eye habits all along since June 2005. He states at the article I cited, "What is really surprising, though, is that these exercises are not what you'd expect at all and most are the opposite of what is commonly recommended." -End of edit, end of story about his understanding-

I have never tried the program he's selling, and don't need to... but from reading Mercola's description at your link, it would seem like the correct understanding of the Bates Method.

I can't hear the videos on his website due to my deafness, and there are no subtitles so I don't know if he says something wrong. Regardless of his advertising, he's giving his support to the Bates Method and bringing it to people's attention. Better than nothing, I suppose. I just hope his advertising doesn't give off a bad impression about the Bates Method. It's been enough trouble getting this information out to the public and getting them to accept something that contradicts what nearly all the eye doctors believe.

It is my belief that once the Bates Method is out of the introductory phase and becomes mainstream knowledge, there's a good enough reason to charge high prices; in the introductory phase, high prices can be discouraging to all except those who have enough motivation and money. I just get angry sometimes when I think about things like, what about the poor people? I am not poor myself, but I used to work with Goodwill and I think about the poor people I worked with.

Would Dr. Bates himself have wanted to help poor people be able to see better? Probably! I'm not saying I have anything against people who commercialize or teach people about the method at extraorbitarily high prices, especially before the method has become mainstream knowledge. In fact, I have a lot of respect for NVI teachers - but for the sake of equality, it's important to think about things like this.
Dr. Mercola is selling it, but the program is by Greg Marsh, who to me does seem like one of the good ones.
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