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Improving Eyesight Eyesight, but not enough to read dirty whiteboard clearly.

That blur, strain in school trying to hurry and see the board is common. Almost like a eye test at doctors; under pressure to hurry, worrying about copying all the information down before the teacher erases it. Thinking about the vision; will it last while I rush through this.

If the teachers still write on a board, each teacher's handwriting is different; that's a unfamiliar object; can cause effort to see it=more strain, blur. Sitting closer is a good option.

Can you photograph the board with a camera? Then put into your computer later, take a snapshot of it and print it. Use zoom on the camera if your sitting far away. A guy a know in xxxxx college video tapes his classes with a spy camera. Went from 20/70 to not needing glasses.

Don't mean to sound like a groupie, but;
Been using the Bates Method for years, often think I know pretty much all of it. Every time I read a Arocarty post I learn more! Read one yesterday about relaxation. This type of member, along with many others on here that will tell you the true method of Dr. Bates is the reason I come back to read and post. Its evident they have read and probably re-read, totally understand Dr. Bates work, his book and magazines.

They have many years of posts on iblindness. Check them out!

Avoid those plus lens guys. It causes presbyopia, myopia and leads to cataract, other problems.
Dr. Bates emphasized to avoid all eyeglasses.

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