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Improving Eyesight Eyesight, but not enough to read dirty whiteboard clearly.
(01-31-2015, 07:03 AM)Aureus Wrote: Luis,

I think you've been given excellent advices by arocarty. I also think you shouldn't walk all the time over the thorns while on the path of vision improvement. Use the glasses (undercorrected preferably) here and there for a short period when you need them most, and practice good visual habits the rest of the time. At this moment you're too engaged with your vision and you might put too much stress on yourself simply by wishing to restore your normal vision too quickly. Make it a long-term hobby as arocarty said and try not to worry about the blur now.

Also don't forget to breath and blink. When we don't see something well we tend to stop our breathing and freeze our look . That's exactly what we shouldn't do. Breathing mustn't be stopped, and the look shouldn't be frozen. Also probably you've heard that blinking is very important. I feel that it's not underlined enough what kind of blinking. Namely, hard and rigid blinking no matter how frequent isn't very helpfull as it brings some extra tension to our eyes without producing tears and rest to them as normal blinking is supposed to do. Hence rigid blinking doesn't differ much from squinting. Blinking should be light and gentle, almost unnoticable. From time to time, ask yourself "Am I blinking softly or not"? If you find yourself in that moment blinking in a rigid way then it's time to break your routine and try to relax (palming, body relaxation etc). There are even some exercises for correct blinking and I can write about them if necessary.

This is another thing I forgot to add, I try to blink normally, and I blink normally sometimes, but at times I find it really hard to blink normally because the blinking hard is just hardwired into me, and I can't override it.

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RE: Improving Eyesight Eyesight, but not enough to read dirty whiteboard clearly. - by Luis210 - 01-31-2015, 11:55 AM