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Improving Eyesight Eyesight, but not enough to read dirty whiteboard clearly.
(02-09-2015, 05:14 AM)Aureus Wrote: Luis,

As you nicely noticed once - rigid blinking is embedded in you. And of course, if you break that embeddiment you're on the way to solve the problem with blinking.

But I think it's not the only thing that is imbedded in you. Probably all these situations that used to be hard to you from time to time eventually took a toll - now they are always hard to you. Simply, once you find yourself in the math class some kind of memory starts to work: "Here we are again, this is going to be hard." That initiates a lot of things in you both physically and mentally. You tense your body, you tense your face, you lower your breathing, you decrease your blinking because - all you want is to survive somehow that damned class.

This is typical for us - poor human beings. Situations that were stressful to us certain number of times continue to be stressful later even when there's no much to be stressful in them. So many times that board was messy that even in the day when it's not that messy - to you it would appear rather messy. That kind of mechanism kills any progress in visual improvement and keeps you stuck at where you are.

Very often we folks here write too much about our vision in a very specific way and that is - we write about a bunch of exercises that should be regularly practiced. And those exercises are mainly physical ones. You do this, you do that: you do swinging, palming, swaying, sunning... No doubt they are good and necessary. But the most important visual organ is the brain. The brain is responsible for the greatest part for our vision. You see a bit poorly because you think of yourself as of a person with nearsightedness, a person who doesn't see well. That's the concept your mind already has and that affects your vision.

If you only found a way to function differently with your mind you would be able to see better. And you would look easily and naturally. Now your mind assumes that seeing takes an effort, especially in certain situations. You need to change that concept and to eliminate negative memories about your vision.

Very valuable words,
Other popular approaches people have when starting natural vision improvement is, many often feel too excited with the progress they achieve, namely 'flashes'
20/20 is just the normal level of sight, and nothing more.
And also questioning any/all improvements they have, often hinders progress.

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