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First Prescription reduction for highly astigmatic eyes
    I am new to the Vision Improvement game. I have been reading extensively and have an overall basic understanding. Only this morning I was reading someone's article on this site (I thought) about his formula for reducing his prescription for astigmatism. I have lost track of the article, but if I remember it correctly it goes something like this: Reduce the cylinder by XX% and no bifocal correction. Can anyone out there point out a formula like this in the literature or does anyone have a personal experience they care to share.
      Since this will be my first reduction, and since I'm a bit apprehensive I would appreciate any support I can get. I'm in my sixties and my current prescription is: 0D -050  -425  x026,  OS -025  -475  x003. Both lines ar followed by a single +225 PAC (I think the latter is the correction for the over 40 crowd).
      Overall my corrected vision is excellent. I can see both near and far well beyond what many people who have 20/20 vision can. However, I'm at the crossroads, I am either going to have my very well worn prescription specs replaced or work to get rid of them. I choose the latter and any encouragment will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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First Prescription reduction for highly astigmatic eyes - by rreed0421 - 02-27-2007, 01:45 PM