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What have been the biggest breakthroughs that improved your vision?

I'll share a few of mine:

1) Shifting focus to releasing tension in the entire body, not just the eyes. Particularly tension in the shoulders, neck, and thoracic spine. The tension in the eyes likely originates someplace else in the body. Trying to relax the eyes without addressing the underlying tension pattern is a fools game.

The yoga postures that increase flexibility in the spine tend to improve the vision the most. Ironically, WEIGHTED back bends, meaning having a sandbag on the stomach improve the vision more then a simple back bend stretch. Not sure why, but it does.

2) Brain entrainment + Bio-feedback. Using binereal beats in conjunction with bio-feedback devices like Heartmath and Wild Divine I was able to bring conscious awareness to tensions I couldn't notice before. And saw a significant improvement.

3) Auto-suggestion before going to sleep. Planting the suggestion, "with every breath my eyes become more deeply relaxed". It might sound simple, but going through the autosuggestion exercises before sleep I always wake up with better vision.

4) There are some herbs that consistently improve my vision. But it's transient. As soon as I stop taking them the improvement goes away too.

5) Breath work. Particularly the intense hour long sessions. I see a boost in my vision.... and it usually sticks.

6) I saw a huge improvement using from a suggestion on this forum, by Ho, to reduce the font size at the computer to as small as possible to train centralization.

Currently I'm seeing long stretches of perfect 20/20 vision on a sunny day. Night vision isn't 20/20 yet. Vision under artificial lighting isn't 20/20 yet.... but I'm so close I can taste it.

"almost 20/20" doesn't cut it for me. I want perfect 20/20 or better vision under all lighting conditions.

I'm one more breakthrough away from perfect 20/20 vision.

You just might be holding that breakthrough.

Please share your breakthroughs.
Looking throgh the center of the windshield during a ride from the middle back seat of a car

Watching football or basketball games from far enough away on a monitor placed right in front of a window

looking at the backcs of cars blowing by me if I'm on the median or the sidewalk, where my eyes catch the print of the back license plate Even befter is being on a low-flying overpass for that

swinging/shifting just above a goalie box looking down onto an outdoor soccer game

playing the beanbag toss game with the city skyline in the background.

watching birds fly

T intersections where I can stare down the barrel of one street and swing to a street 90 degrees to the left and right of me

shopping center parking lots

indoor malls

middle back seat of a bus

near-far focusing exercises looking straight down the barrel or in a parking lot

palming with my forhead buried in a pillow

doing close work as far away from the monitor as possible

insides of food stores with all their aisles and price tags

the center back of auditoriums

looking straight down the barrel in a parking garage

looking at pinwheels in the distance

sleeping with eyeshades at night

avoiding artificial light after dinner as much as possible

morning and afternoon rush hours with all the activity and detailed objects moving around.
Wow! Nice collection, Some of them I never heard about...
1 I like your positive attitude, sage.

I hope very soon you'll be at 20/20 and better.

And also, it seems to me you started a very good thread.
People progress in their own individual ways, and it is a good idea to have in one place all the things that were beneficial to them.

2 I don't deal with with myopia but with hypermetropia and some astigmatism.

In different stages of my program different things brought me something that one can call breakthough:

a) palming (it doesn't work when you are upset)

b) different kind of peripheral exercises (I suggest this to anyone)

c) night walking (which includes also peripheral exercises and long swings)

d) reading some printed text from the distance of 6 inches, as suggested by Dr. Bates (one has to be careful not to overdo with this and to make some preparation before doing this)

e) reading the smallest print that you can possibly read in the sunlight (this is something that can be considered as an exercise for myopes but I think it also works for me to some extent especially when combined with looking at the distance)

f) looking at the distance (it relaxes your lens muscles and then you are prepared to to some close distance exercises)

g) sunning (one of my favourite exercises - it has many good features and one of them is that it may better your mood and it also acts in some sense as a counterpart to night walking)

h) stretching on the floor, doing all that I know about muscle relaxation and bettering bloodflow

i) trying to make daily plans and sticking to it (if you are able to realize your daily plans no matter how 'trivial' they may seem - you will be more satisfied than if you spend your energy in vain; and satisfaction is a good base for relaxation and it also helps you not to think about your vision all the time)

j) playing basketball with the kids from the neighbourhood (I'm older than them and not especially good at basketball but it brings me joy, it gently forces my eyes catching movement and helps eye focusing, and it also activates my muscles which would otherwise stay dormant)

3 That's it. Some of these activities had a limited impact to my progress but the most important thing is they did have some impact.
I keep on experimenting all the time.
It's necessary to do so if you want to break the plateaux.

4 sage, could you tell us what you actually do when you say "breath work"?
For how long have you been practising that auto-suggestion before sleep?

Breath work: commonly called holotropic breath. It's a method to 'release trauma' using the breath. Googling will reveal the specifics. It's something you can do at home.

Autosuggestion: Seems to work best right before bed. Honestly, I haven't done it consistently as of late. it would be nice is someone who as a skilled hypnotist put together an induction MP3 specific to relaxing the eye muscles.

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