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Improving Eye Agility?
I would like to improve the accommodation agility. Meaning the speed at which the eye changes focus.

I'm using the fusion charts, doing 'fusion pumping'. I'm seeing some results with that, but would like it further.

I'm contemplating a combination of a fusion pump, then a far distance focus, then back to a fusion pump.

...I'll let you know how it goes.

Otherwise, what have others found to improve the accommodation agility?
Did you try that with the trees far away and those which are near?
1 Looking at the distance at daily basis to relax your lense muscles will make them more responsive to quick focus change. This is true the same way one needs a good sleep and rest before hard physical activities.

2 Playing sports in a joyful manner. When you do sports you have no other choice but to change focus all the time - just imagine what kind of work is for your eyes watching a ball moving in all directions all the time. You must be careful not to overdo with this activity and while doing it - you need to apply the well known logic - don't try too hard to see anything. Relax.

3 Sitting in a cafe-bar: reading fine print (close work - central fixation) and alternating it with reading car-plates of the cars passing by (observing moving objects at the medium distance) and scanning anything of interest on the horizon (distance vision).[i] Alternation should be quick - usually about half a second.. Make pauses every five or ten minutes as this may be pretty demanding if your vision problem is serious. Avoid cafes with bad coffee.


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