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Destorying that last 0.25 diopter...
Anyone who has reclaimed there vision to 20/20 or better please chime in...

How did you break through that last 0.25-50 diopter wall?

I'm hitting a bit of a wall, and need to shift something to reclaim that last little bit of visual acuity.

Any advise?
I'm not there yet but I'll respond anyway because I think I have an idea.

You have to find enviornments that expose how bad your vision is. Before I started natural vision improvement, my presciription would increase a quarter of a diopter every few years. And the place where ibeing undercorrected by a quarter of a diopter was most noticeable, was when playing outdoor soccer games at night. I have to imagine that if you're under a diopter of nearsightedness, daylight is just too clear for you. It's similar to why Bates didn't like big print in textbooks

Play or watch outdoor soccer games at night.

Indoor mall food courts at night that are poorly lit.

Outdoor places with a lot of people at night. People are blurrier than inanimate objects. People in the distance challenge your vision more.

I don't think outdoors during the day is totally useless, especially if you have access to an amusement park. The sheer number of things happening at an amusement park is really nice, especially when they're oriented in such a way that many of them can be seen at the same time if they are at multiple distances in the same line of sight. The eye finds that very engagiing and stimulating. Multiple complex dynamic booths/rides at different distances in the same line of sight is what I'd look for if you are trying to improve your vision during the day.


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