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Laughable eye doctor
Last time I was at the eye doctor, I told the the doctor that I stopped wearing glasses and that I thought my prescription went down. I told her my last prescription was 4.25. Anyways im doing the snellen reading and I'm reading out all the letters, even the small ones correctly and she starts berating me "stop straining", Smile I couldn't hold back from laughing, the reasons I was reading the letters correctly were because I was shifting and blinking, i.e. Not straining. Anyways at the end of the appointment she gives me prescription for 4.5 (I don't think she appreciated alternative treatments). Lol I got them checked the next week they were 3.25, 3.5 . (Some dirty eye doctors)
That's the old story again, getting widely different prescriptions from each eye doctor, each one saying that the previous one must have made a mistake. It could have been that you were more uncomfortable with the unfriendly one and didn't see as well because of it. Or she was biased towards giving you as strong a prescription as possible. Or who the hell knows, since their measurements they think they have down to a science don't mean as much as they think.
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