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back in the saddle again
I was on here a few years ago when I was doing natural eye improvement and I had a good year and a half of regular eye care. Then I went to grad school, got married, and ended up getting used to wearing my glasses again.

After all that time I really want to get back to the bates method again. So here I am! I am a little discouraged as I could see pretty well after all my time working on my eyes, but now after testing myself again I have something like 20/600 vision right now.

The other thing i have noticed is my eyes always feel strained. I feel it at the top of my eyes and in the back of them. I used to be able to get them to completely relax but this time it seems like no amount of sunning, palming, or simple swinging is getting them relaxed. Any thoughts?
Welcome back!

Those things should at least give some kind of temporary relief, even without practicing the things I recommend about looking at details. If not, it might be a diet issue or some other condition. It can take a while for things to catch up with you where finally at some age your body can't handle it anymore and you start feeling affected.
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"Half of our funny, heathen lives, we are bent double to gather things we have tossed away." - George Meredith
Thanks for the response David. I have to say that focusing on the details I thought I got, even back when I was doing exercises regularly. The other day I had a weird revelation. Its that kind of thing where I did not really change what I was doing but somehow it made more sense in a different kind of way. I was in the car and working on looking at moving objects and letting myself see what I could see. Then it hit me, tune out everything around that point I look at and just let it be in focus. Bam, instantly clearer perception.

Obviously this is everything David talks about in his blog and what Bates what getting at as well. But for what ever reason the actually use and application hit me totally different. its a lot harder to look this way. Which I think makes sense for me since I never look this way. Its like trying to sit in a squat for a minute the first time, barely even make it. But after doing it every day and longer and longer each time, You can sit in a squat (also known as horse stance) for 15 minutes easy. The same is true with your eyes, each day I am gonna add more and more focus training in a relaxed state and there should be no reason why that should not drastically improve my vision.
That's great! It sounds like you found that you can adjust mentally to only be responsible for one point at a time. Nothing else matters besides that spot. Bates kind of wrote about that when he went over imagining that everything outside your center of sight is less distinct, but he always put it in a weird matter-of-fact way that wasn't as helpful as it could have been, in my opinion.

And when you do that, it isn't as if you put more effort into seeing the one detail at a time. You just ignore everything else more.

The flight-or-fight state is all about trying to absorb everything all around you at once quickly to make a split decision, but it's really taxing on your system if it's continuous. So when you move away from that and allow yourself to ignore everything and make one detail the center of your universe, it feels relaxing because your brain isn't being bombarded.

Our minds are more flexible and powerful than sometimes we give them credit for. It doesn't take much to shift our perception and start doing things differently and seeing things differently in only a few minutes, if we fully believe the new idea.
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"Half of our funny, heathen lives, we are bent double to gather things we have tossed away." - George Meredith

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