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Personality test
If someone wants to measure the personality there is a free test available:
But try to not fill in the +-0, i.e. neutral choices because the test will not be that good then.

For instance you can do the test when you begin training the vision and lets say when you see improvements you can do the test again and see how your personality changes.

For me personally I am no longer afraid of things, no worries, and I have become more social because I am more comfortable with myself as I am more relaxed nowadays. The imagination, daydreaming, thinking abilities has of course also improved and that affects my personality as well.

Once I thought personality was written in stone and you simply could not change it, I felt sad due to this, but that for sure I know now is not true.
In fact the personality varies a lot and it depends on how tired you are for instance, that is how well you have slept. If you sleep one hour less you get 5% less salary. Smile So that means the biology affects our personality.

It is interesting to read some about this, and I think some people here on this forum would like to do that test to see what they could improve and what they actually should do. Yes ? Go on !

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