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My Eye Exercises and story to my success!
I was asked by a kind person on another site to come here and give my experience and eye workout routine. I wore glasses since I was very young and wish that instead of putting on glasses, that I had someone teaching me what I know now. I squinted, making them stress and more blurry. I had to begin wearing myopic lenses in 6th grade so I could see the tiny white boards with tiny black marker from the back of the room. Teachers wouldn't move me forward. So on came the glasses. My eyes were showing symptoms of retinal detachment and I was told in my early 20's that if I stopped wearing my glasses, I would need surgery. Up until then I wore my glasses everyday and at all times. So when I noticed pain in my right eye, and was told retinal detachment, I decided to go the natural way and do the opposite of what my optometrist told me. When I asked him, "If the eyes are covered in muscles then why can't we work them out and make then stronger?" He didn't give much of an answer. Something like, he wasn't sure, but told me I was smart. Smile He was a great optometrist and I love him. I will still see my eye doctor occasionally. I will just not wear glasses anymore. I researched my heart out, and realized the first step is to realize how lucky we are.

Seriously. If we have any vision at all, rather it be blurry or doubled, we have more than some people out there in the world. Some people were born blind. Some blind from genetics. Some became blind from disease. Some live blind on will. Like monks. My grandma was blind and I thought to myself how she lived so long, even after she went blind. More than 50 years. People do amazing things even though they are blind. They strengthen other senses and they move on from vision for good. Some claim to have even reversed being completely blind with The Bates Method.

With this in mind I decided to remove my glasses. That is the second step ladies and gentleman. Remove those suckers for good. If you have to wear them , for say driving then do so, but when you are home and don't need to see far out, then avoid them. Don't wear reading glasses when reading either. I have used pin hole glasses,and they work well if you have blurry vision, for say, if you are watching tv, or doing something you would otherwise squint for. Instead of squinting, which stresses your eyes and makes them blurry, put on pin hole glasses. Don't wear pin holes glasses for driving in. If you must drive, get a lower prescription if you can, so that you can see but have no eye strain when your eyes begin to heal. Remove eye glasses, and do not strain or squint. I used an Eyewash herb which helped as well, called Dr. Christopher's Eyebright herb extract. you put 5 to 8 drops in boiling water, let cool then wash your eyes out with it. burns for a minute but helps to clear your vision and floaters. People also use it for cataracts. It helps with strain and blood flow as well.

There are experiments out there that tested chickens and Pilots. Ones with myopic vision were given plus lenses. The exact opposite of what Myopic individuals need and this apparently had good effect. So to help my myopia, I put on plus lenses to see how my eyes would react, and to my surprise they did help, as well as helping the eye pains on my right eye. Upon looking at the Eye charts and information online, I realized the eye is actually larger from front to back than a normal eye, and opposite for nearsighted people. Nearsighted people have eyes that are too short. At last I realized why my muscles hurt so badly and why they were relieved by glasses of the opposite range. They were relieving stress off the muscle. So it is our muscles causing most of the problems.

I follow The Bates Method for most of my exercises.
At first I start by relaxing my eyes. Covering them with the palms till the tension leaves my vision. It should all become a black color when fully relaxed. Rest them as if you are trying to nap.

Then you should begin looking all around in every direction. I usually do this for up to 3 to 5 minutes, resting periodically to avoid strain. Remember strain and stress is your enemies. Look in the cardinal directions. North South, East West, North East, North West, south East, South West. At this point you could try to relax them again, with the palm technique. I usually go straight into the next exercise which is the conversion workouts.

You hold your finger out and watch the finger tip, as you bring it in toward your face and outwards. This can be done for a minute, and then you can change to other exercises. Next I usually do the split dot test.

This test is where there are 2 dots, both at the same distance as your pupils on the paper or monitor screen. You cross your eyes and uncross to make the dots merge and unmerge.
Many people can't do the convergence exercises at first so take it slow and relax. Trying it everyday will get you to the point where you can do them with ease. My mom simply likes to look down at her nose to accomplish this. She said crossing your eyes a little in any way helps. You can also do it with your finger tips.

Another convergence exercise I like to do is the window sill to street sign workout. You can look at anything to accomplish this but I like to choose things with sharp corners as it shows you how well you're improving while working them out. You simply look at your window sill and focus on it. Then focus outside onto something like a stop sign or mail box.

After doing The Bates Method every night and sometimes in the mornings, I will add my own little workout.

I will use my eyes to trace out the ABC's in the air. I usually do it 2 times, reversing the letters when going through the second time, as many ABC's are left side dominant, which I guess if good, if you need your left eye strengthened.

I can see so clearly now, that I never use glasses anymore. Even my pinhole glasses and plus lenses are gathering dust. I cleared it to 20/20 from 20/140 in about 2 years. The trick was realizing that its the muscles causing most of the issues. I have no pain and even earlier tonight I realized my night vision is even 100%!

Hopefully this gives my friend as well as many others insight on what to do and how to get started. In order to help yourself learn about what is happening. Take pictures of your pupils, and your eyes, and compare them to how they change over the exercises. Record your progress and do these everyday for the quickest effect. After just a week, you will see a lot of the blur lift making it much easier to feel confident about clearing your vision! I did notice changes in my pupils and eye shape over the past 2 years as my vision cleared. Remember, make it a nightly routine, do it for around 15 minutes at the least and never squint or stress those eyes.

Best of luck everyone!
Thanks for sharing!

I'm not really an advocate of things like near/far exercises and clock rotations, but I still like to hear when people have success with anything as an addition. Anything that gets you to move your eyes around more could be helpful, as long as you settle into a way to do so without straining your eyes. The big problem there mainly comes when people treat the eye movement exercises as a workout and don't use it as a way to learn to move their eyes when using them in a soft, receptive way.
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Congrats man! I'm happy for you, but I would like to know, in the beginning your sight was blurry? Because mine is and I don't know if I can still recover..
I used to trace out letters like that too. In the parkinig lots early in the morning, I'd move my head around to trace letteres in the ar, to spell out my ame, or old mcdonald had a farm. SUch stuf is good because it gets your eye out of its routine. The less routine, the less the brain knows in advance what's cocming, and the better it is.

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