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Very worried
Hi everybody,

I just signed up the other day, I'm really amazed that there's actually a natural method, my sight is pretty bad, I've been wearing glasses for like 10 years now, and when I take them off everything is blurry..

I'm wondering if this can still work for me, like when I try to look to something far away I just can't see it.. It's just blurry.

Is there some specific methods for people like me? What should I do?

I'm thinking about going in the morning outside in sit for like 30 minutes somewhere where I can see the other part of the city, it's a very nice view, would that help?

Another question; I'm about to get a new pair of glasses, I heard that I shouldn't get 20/20... What are your suggestions?

Can you share your experiences with me please? Did it work for you, especially if you had horrible eyes like mine.

Sorry about my weak english,
Thank you in advance Blush


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