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Can squint be cured by natural excercises/bates method
Hi all,
I already used bated method in 2009 . Very familiar with this. You can see my most popular post "Improved in 15 minutes : a miracle in my life. "
Now Came to this site after a long time.
My query is i was going to some reputed eye hospital in India along with one of my friend who has a problem of minor
L squint and misalignment in the right. I have just studied it will require a small operation to fix this weakness of eye muscles. I have read many of bates posts and occassianlly read success stories.

But i wonder do bated method or similar excercises can cure eye squint and misalignment.
1).If so, kindly specify some relevant excercises/methods.
2). Refer some success story
3). Also tell me if operation is a wise choice and the risks involved.

Thanks all for your valuable time.

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Can squint be cured by natural excercises/bates method - by handa_yar - 09-25-2015, 12:26 AM