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Can squint be cured by natural excercises/bates method
(09-25-2015, 12:26 AM)handa_yar Wrote: Hi all,
I already used bated method in 2009 . Very familiar with this. You can see my most popular post "Improved in 15 minutes : a miracle in my life. "
Now Came to this site after a long time.
My query is i was going to some reputed eye hospital in India along with one of my friend who has a problem of minor
L squint and misalignment in the right. I have just studied it will require a small operation to fix this weakness of eye muscles. I have read many of bates posts and occassianlly read success stories.

But i wonder do bated method or similar excercises can cure eye squint and misalignment.
1).If so, kindly specify some relevant excercises/methods.
2). Refer some success story
3). Also tell me if operation is a wise choice and the risks involved.

Thanks all for your valuable time.

There are no guarantees, and the client's own dedication to practicing and holding a positive attitude will help the most.

There are many cases of Bates curing someone with squint or strabismus in the Better Eyesight Magazines. I'd recommend palming and the long swing, and to notice as soon as visual strain appears, then pause to close the eyes or palm. Also notice when the eyes are straight and you feel relaxed -- what are you doing at that time you could do more often?

I'm working with a lovely young woman who was operated on for squint at age 3 (OUCH!). As often happens after the operation the eyes looked straight but she couldn't see out of them together, a cosmetic improvement but not a functional one. Plus think of the trauma to a small child! They cut the muscle and shorten it to move the eyeball, but this does nothing for the eye/brain connection which lets you see. Then she had some vision therapy at age 7, but already had a bad attitude so this didn't really help. I'm working with her to relax her system and to teach her that vision can be a pleasure, not a struggle.

I'd advise a wait and see approach to the operation, to try some Bates work first. A "quick fix" can often cause more problems than it solves.

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