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Easy suggested practices while in school or other official places?
Hello there,
I suffer from strain and fatigue around my eyes, when sitting at the computer, reading books, or walking around the school. What do people do when they are at school to reduce eye fatigue/strain?
I don't want to make my vision worse.

I haven't managed to relax my mind yet, how should I do achieve a very relaxed state of mind?

Also, there's a difference between both of my eyes. How should I do to work with them?

At school or at the bus for example, how can I practice the Bates Method without drewing too much attention to yourself? Small, easy practices would be greatly appreciated, apart from blinking and shifting gaze. Especially where you're dealing with relaxation/eyestrain and maybe the problem of differences between both eyes.

Thank you so much! Heart

P.s. Sorry for my English or if I'm not clear enough. D.s.


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