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Bates - Šičko Method
Dear all,

I am very happy to find this site. I am eager to write about my vision, and i fully believe in vision restoration. I will try to keep it short.
I am 25 years old, from LT, EU -2,5 D, wearing glasses from i was 14 y/o. I tried various methods, but none of them seem to really work.

A month a go I finished Bates - Šičko course on vision restoration, teachers from RUSSIA. Bates method takes care of eye exercises and relaxation, and Šičko (Russian) method works on subconscious levels. So let us say, when you do Palming, you are telling to yourself that your vision will be perfect, your eyes are fine. I do not smoke nor drink, exercise martial arts regularly, healthy as a champ (except eyes)

So, after a month - I have only a small improvement, although I've been putting in soooo much work. My vision restoration routine consists of:
30 min Face, head, neck, shoulders massage+excercise, eye gymnastics 2x day
5 min of palming every hour.
pirate patch, solarization with candle or sun, rocking from side to side, swaying from side to side, i manage not to wear my glasses any more.
Nevertheless, i journal every night about my feelings and write a subconscious text for vision improvement (Šičko method)

And after all of this, there is only small improvement. I read the Davids method, I have read Orlin Sorensen's book, I am running out of options here.
Anybody? Smile Thanks. (If any questions, please ask, np)
Spend a lot of time outside without glasses where you have access to lplenty of distance around you.
You can visualize human faces (i.e. mental image). It is quite fun also.
This process is the same as the process you need to get normal vision.
In other words if you manage to visualize you would see improved vision also.
It is also proven that you get more healthy (relaxed) by looking at a beautiful face, so that is what you should imagine then.

If that was too easy for you you can try visualizing something that is changing or moving (for instance a flying eagle). Of course you can visualise what ever you wish, but it should be moving.

If you have trouble to do this it is a sign that you are too tensed in your mind.

Finally it should be easier to look much more around you in reality.
Also you should look at a detail rather long time (so you really notice what is there) every now and then (that means not more than 5 seconds).
This is because your eyes might need that time in order to adjust to the distance. Look both at far distance and near distance.
I spent a few hours standing in one spot yesterday in a park looking at branchy trees at the other side of a lake. It was worth it. As you get further and further along in vision improvement, I think you long swing less and stand still more.
(12-25-2015, 09:31 AM)sleepmaster Wrote: I spent a few hours standing in one spot yesterday in a park looking at branchy trees at the other side of a lake. It was worth it. As you get further and further along in vision improvement, I think you long swing less and stand still more.

Yes, that is true.
Today I also looked at details of the tree tops at far distance.
I use to do this by the way.
I just sat in my chair and looked out of the window.
Sometimes I looked at the sky and the stormy clouds.
Sometimes I looked at the window frame and the mullion there.
I noticed how some trees were different than the others, how some trees were more branchy than the others, I noticed the mild color nuances, and the small differences in distance between the trees.
The vision clears up slowly like melting ice and your mind relaxes.
You should also notice that it becomes easier to visualize when you temporarily close your Eyes, like it is meeting you instead of you having to chase for ever what has been gone.
You can very well think of something else simultaneously too,
for instance how you should solve some problem in your life.
But it requires that you are present looking at the details all the time as well.
In other Words it doesn't have to be a waste of time, since you can get something productive out of it later on (compare mindfulness).
Anyway I found it very relaxing as well, but then suddenly it started to rain on the window so I couldn't look at far distance anylonger, I noticed that the relaxed feeling I had was not there anylonger in the same way,
I looked at the raindrops but it was not giving me the same positive result.
It is something very special with the far distance.
You don't need some grand sea view to be able to look at far distance.
You could just look at the tree tops or what ever is there (clouds are also at far distance so everyone has a possibility to get this feeling).


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