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The Bates method making my eyes worsen
I've been looking up about the bates method and also practicing it daily; I've been palming, resting my eyes, focusing on far and near objects, but my eye sight's only getting worser faster. Could someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong and how to fix it?
It would be nice to have more details about your situation and what you're doing. What I might guess is that you may be treating Bates as more a series of exercises, they're only there to help you relearn how to see and to help you relax, I've had no observable improvements brought about by looking at near and far objects.

What is your current refractive error? how much has it regressed since you began? Have you ever had even a small amount of success with Bates?

I can't say much without more information.
Dear FMA,

With no knowledge of your vision -- it is difficult
to make any suggestions.

Here is a Snellen you can check.  Just click on:

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Then press "Diplay" and tell us what line you can

Then we can help you clear your vision using
Bates methods.

Are you wearing any corrective lenses at this time? 

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