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False Positives
If Bates is correct that eyes do not need glasses,
then everyone that wears glasses are a false positive.

What are your thoughts?
I would say that most people are not needing them. There are a few that do but they have actually a physical problem that can't be reversed. I think that this is a mental component though that plays a role. I don't know how far you are in your vision improvement but what I do know is that it is mostly about mental control. The word "imagination" is herby not that important. It is more about how your attention works. Imagining something clear is of great help to understand the process but isn't necessary.
Does the very idea that False Positives exist for a method of placing a label demonstrate that the method of evaluation should be questioned? In the sense that the current methods/procedures are not optimal. OR Does it mean that even the notion of the label is a questionable schema?
I think that if e look at any eye disease the eye is always seen as the reason why vision fails but the truth is that this is not necessarily true.

Labelling someone as myopic therefore gives us the belief that the person eyes are some sort of different than others but they aren't. Interesting is that glasses are very expensive and other methods are as well so you got to ask yourself why the industry wanted us to wear them.

Additionally it seems to be impossible to explain the real reason why myopia exists. Every person is different and so is the eyesight. We try to set a certain standard what normal vision is but the snellen card is showing what is average. This also means that someone might see not perfect 20/20 and still isn't myopic. His mind can't see better but he isn't myopic. What an optometrist will do is sell him glasses. His eyes react and become myopic even though they wouldn't be.

I believe that this is an issue created because there is not enough knowledge and also because we are fitted into a system that we can't perfectly fit in.

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