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"A Taoist Approach"
David, I see you had good things to say about this book.  But it sounds like it combines Bates with something else, which you have cautioned against.  Do you think the book is good for someone who hasn't yet made much progress improving?  Is it worth buying?
Well just to put my bias on the table, I assisted the author in an early draft of the book, I've corresponded with him for a few years, and I'm getting ready to add the book to

I think it's a great book. He knows what's he's talking about. It's heavily "contextual" I guess is the best way to describe it, so it isn't a quick how-to book but seeks to be very thorough in describing the causes of vision problems and the approach in solving them from someone who knows Taoist principles well. Wayne Dyer is actually working on a book on the Tao right now too, and of course Wayne brings worldwide attention to subject matters, so Doug unwittingly had some damn good timing.

I recommend against combining Bates with something else before Bates is understood, but it's appropriate in a case like this where someone who already understands it combines Bates with ancient life principles that don't already necessarily have a defined application to vision improvement. Especially when he goes into plenty of explanation to validate it.

I'll snip from the Introduction:

"Part 1, excess, explores the harmful effect of industrilization and technology on the vision health of the populace ..."

"Part 2 of this book, 'The Way,' leads you away from the excesses of technology by meshing the acient wisdom and values of Taoist philosophy - rhythm, softness, return, balance, and wholeness - with the important principles of Bates's teachings ..."

"part 3, 'Harmony,' tackles the flaws in a scientific and educational system that can create such fragmentation within vision science and cause such negativity and suppression of alternatives. It calls for a united front in vision care."

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