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How bates method can be explained
I read about the method and I don't understand- if in case of Near-sightedness the eye becomes more elliptic, then how does the method fix this? From what I understand, they don't fix the ellipse situation but redirect the light rays to the correct position in the center of the eye? 
Bates did experiments that make him conclude that the eye could change shape quickly and it was due the action or chronic tension of muscles surrounding the eyes.

I don't know about that, but modern research has found that the retina is observed to be thinner in people with myopia. It suggests it's being stretched.

But the main thing is vision can change quickly. Even if it could only be a long term slow change, which isn't the case, then it's still a very tiny change in comparison to all the other adaptations the body makes.

I find it strange that people can accept that body does things to prevent disaster a billion times a day, heals wounds and makes other big changes in a matter of days and weeks, and yet somehow the eyes are beyond help.
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