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Astigmatism - Opinion, Advice , Testimonials - plz post here
I am looking for productive/fruitful exercises for astigmatism along with any opinions, advice or testimonials. It is unfortuante and sad that the cocept of "eye exercises" has been terrifically suppressed. There is no one in the medical soceity talking or even discussing about it. No articles, publication or even mention of anything "natural". It is as if "live with it" attitude. And not only that but the treatment suggested just makes the problem worse, as if trying to treat the symptom without the cause. 
Makes me think if I treat pain in some one who has ruptured appendix by giving morphine in increasing doses......I am preparing for a disaster.--- if this example makes sense.

Anyways - back to my qtn -- Astigmatism help plz.

Thank you

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Astigmatism - Opinion, Advice , Testimonials - plz post here - by Jag Uar - 08-18-2016, 11:07 AM