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Avoid strain when thinking?
Lots of us coders around here... I did some C in college, and today I do some PHP coding for my websites.

If I start feeling stressed, sometimes it's because I have too many things to remember, like how my code fits into the bigger picture and what else I'm going to need to do. I open up notepad and start typing out my thoughts and organizing a plan of attack. For larger projects I organize the tasks in a spreadsheet. I sit back, look around, and acknowledge any unrelated stress I'm feeling. I keep breathing and letting my thoughts flow, giving myself time, and I'll get out a surge of code when I get into the right frame of mind for a moment. If I remember something else I need to do today, I take out my phone and enter a memo or put it on my calendar, so I can put it out of my mind. I have a cup of coffee or sparkling mineral water to keep me occupied taking sips. I sit with my laptop in a public area so I can occasionally catch something interesting or talk to someone for a moment.

Coding is easier today than it's ever been, because of the resources at our disposal. Most code I need has already been written, or a whole Wordpress plugin is already available that does what I need, and explaining what I need in a few different ways in Google searches will eventually bring up something useful. That process itself forces me to explore the topic creatively and use more of my brain and take the pressure off of having to write the code for every idea I have.

What I'm trying to explain is there's a way to code and still keep your mind open and relaxed so that it doesn't wear you out.

When Tom Campbell was in college, he was one of the early programmers when debugging was nearly impossible because he had to wait for the next day for the program to run and find out if it worked. At the time he wasn't into intuitive stuff or anything that people would consider weird at the time, and he was just a programmer and a nuclear physicist, except that he found that when he couldn't figure out a bug in his code he found he could close his eyes and relax deeply and in a moment the code would pop into his head and he would see where he had missed a comma or whatever. It worked over and over again. So just an example.
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