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Hi new here
I have always been very short sighted even with glasses I can only just pass the driving eyesight test. I tried contact lenses when learning to drive in hope of seeing that bit further to pass eyesight test easier. Honestly I knew I wouldn't like them as I can't stand anything touching my eyes. Next I looked into laser treatment. I know that touches your eyes but you eyes are numbed for it. I don't know if it would of been any good, but I was willing to try anything as my eyes were borderline with glasses to passing or failing eye test. After a consultation I was advised not to have it done as it could of made my sight slightly worse than it was with glasses meaning no chance of driving. I got new glasses which were slightly better meaning I would pass eyesight test.

Well I now do drive so have no intention of having laser treatment even though I've heard wavefront can offer perfect vision. Would be lovely but I'm used to short sight so only way I would ever get better vision is if eye exercises worked.
Welcome! And good luck on your journey to healthier eyes, I look forward to hearing about your progess.

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