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Need encouragement
Been looking this forum a few days and decided to try to improve my vision naturally.

Bit of background I have always been very short sighted think it has got slightly worse from childhood. At 17 to 20 I didn't think I would manage to pass the driving eyesight test even with glasses so tried to kid myself that I didn't want to drive. At 20 I decided to look into driving and find out exactly how far you had to read a number plate from and see if I could. It was 20 metres. I used my steps to measure distance it was about 28 steps. Every time I was out with glasses I would test myself with varying results, I was borderline to seeing the distance. I started driving lessons partly hoping to just get the keenness to drive out of me after having a go at driving. After a few month learning and doing ok my instructor insisted on me going to opticians for better glasses, I told her I had best ones but she refused to give me more lessons til I went opticians. I went and cos they couldn't give me better glasses tried contact lenses. I can't stand anything touching my eye so couldn't have them. Next may sound daft as I can't stand things touching my eyes I looked into having laser treatment. I thought that all I would need to do is force my eyes open to have drops then wouldn't feel anything else so would be OK. Well I was honest about why I wanted it done purely in hope to see a tiny bit further to pass driving eyesight test. I was told laser could give me slightly better or worse vision than I had with glasses so could mean not being able to pass eyesight test to drive. They did manage to give me slightly better glasses tho which meant I could drive. After all that I always managed to read number plates at required distance and even since then had a few eye tests for driving and easy manage it. Now if I was asked to read a number plate even 1m further away I would struggle. 

Now I am wanting to try eye exercises to improve eyesight. I already don't wear glasses much only for driving and tv. I plan to blink more and few other exercises to see what works for me.

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