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I am Sigurd from Norway, live in Bergen, 23 years old and have conical cornea (keratoconus). Suddenly one day back in 2013 i realized that i could not see with my right eye. I went to the eye doctor and he diagnosed me. He predicted that it would get worse by time. I belived that if the cornea could change it shape without external tools from smooth to conical, then it should be possible to change the shape back naturally. 

My right eye was diagnosed as a severve keratoconus case and i was categorized blind in my right eye and i was slightly myopic in my left eye. I started to read a lot about the eyes, natural vision improvement, meditation and more. I started natural vision improvement, then i stopped. For the past 2.5 years i've not been practising natural vision improvement on a regular basis. I start with it, then i quit and so on. My eyesight is approx. the same now as it was 3.5 years ago.

 Its very difficult for me to let go in the practise, palming for instance.  Any advice? I would also be very interested in a skype-community where one can share experiences and discuss natural vision improvement. Does it exist? That would be a really good motivator! Does it exist? If not, give me a sound if someone is interestedSmile

I edited your post to change the font size. Is there a reason you changed it to a tiny font?

I believe conical cornea is what Aldous Huxley had. You might check out his book, The Art of Seeing.
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My personal theory for the myopic elongated eyeball is straining forward trying harder and harder to grab that image in the distance, so much so the eyeball actually changes shape trying to do what it thinks the brain wants. This is my theory, not something I got from anyone else and I know to many it would sound crazy. I'll write a blog post on this eventually and probably get a lot of flak which may be why I haven't done that sooner.

Anyway, when I first heard about the condition of conical cornea, it seemed to be an extreme case of this "trying to reach forward to see", to me. If I were to work with someone like this, that's where I'd start, as well as the traditional Bates practices to encourage relaxation.

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