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new here
Hi everyone
First, I agree with the concept and reality that all of our eyes should be able to focus on infinity. It is incomprehensible to me that so many of us rely on the crutches we call glasses.  

My own story story starts with remembering watching floaters in my eyes at an early age, and getting glasses at 8.  From there it of course went downhill with my left eye stabilizing at 20/400 and right at 20/150 .  After 40 years of nearsightedness and half hearted attempts to improve my far vision, I decided to start an intense - 2to3 hours a day - practice of extending the focal length of my left eye.  
Three years ago I could focus to read at a maximum of 9 " with my left eye. Now I can easily focus to 18" for any period of time.  For a short period- 10 seconds, with the left eye I can read an eye chart at 20 /40 , but cannot hold it.  It can take up to 5 minutes to get to this point. My "exercises" are to watch a geometric needlepoint  or textures on the wall 10 feet away.  When the texture or lines temporarily become clearer, I try to become more aware of the muscles surrounding my eye, and to maintain the better vision as long as possible.
My right eye seems to have come along in the improvement although it has not participated in the many hundreds (maybe thousands ) of hours of visual awareness training of the left. I can now pass the driver test (20 /40 )with the right,  but without making the constant mental effort to relax the muscles and focus at the distance, my far vision fades.  Now I work at maintaining the longer and longer glimpses of better vision.

At 68 years old, I'm sure it is much more difficult to improve my vision, but it is working!  As much time as I have spent working at it, I can see how it is much easier to continue to use glasses. (Most of you don't want to lie awake for 2 hours every morning relaxing eye muscles.) 

I am of the firm opinion that nearsighted children should be instructed to hold their books and ipads and computers at their far focus point and learn to relax  their eye muscles, allowing the eyeball to shorten.   As usual, prevention is the easiest and best option to keep the next generation away from glasses.

Had to learn to relax to touch my toes- now I'm learning to relax to see the distant clouds.



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