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New user with severe myopia in way to vision improvement...
Hey guys and girls... Im a medical student from  Nepal... I just recently finished reading meir schneider's vision  for life nd found it was so good that i started to practice the excercise program for myopia as suggested by him...i got -4.75 in left eye and -6.00 in right eye. After too much stress i decided to start doing excerices by reading his book nd found too much interesting nd amazing that i started doing excerices nd have reduced left eye to -4.25 nd rt eye -5.5 ..and im still continuing the excerices..thanks to meir im starting  to gain full strength md clarity from my eyes...i got few problems about my eye excercises accommodation and will post in new forums  ..hope u guys will help me anD support me ..which i until later guys..see u in forums.. ??

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