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looking for natural eye dr.
My glasses broke over a month ago and I was unsure where to get my eye exam as the eye dr's generally prescribed 2,3 x stronger eye prescriptions. The natural vision eye doc in Cambridge MA charged $200 out of pocket. She'd expired when I went back for eye exam. That was years ago as I like to keep the same glasses until it is necessary to have another eye exam due to stronger and stronger eye prescription.

I ended up going to LCrafter at the mall.
The young eye dr. recommended: 
OD -7 C -0.5 Axis 025 
OS -6 C 0.00 Axis 00 0

I went back for a second fitting with another eye dr. in the same office knowing it was a stronger eye prescription than needed. 

The second eye dr. said he had about the same result but I know it is 2, 3x stronger than needed.
2nd new prescription:
OD -6.50 C -0.75 Axis 065
OS -5.50 C -0.25 Axis 100

Reading prescription
OD -5.50 C -0.75 A065
OS -4.50 C-0.25 A100

With the new eyeglasses, vision seems to be off when I look left. 
I found glasses had taken off when I was reading bottle labels at the pharmacy.

Didn't know whether I should get a new pair of eyeglasses with the new reading prescription as I am comfortable with the old reading prescription.

There was a post about someone going thru the 1.5hr eye exam and ended up with a reduced prescription.

I am looking for a natural vision optometrist in Boston area who won't overcharged as it will have to be out of pocket. 
ClarkNights Bates method on to do list.

Thank you

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