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I have presbyopia with 1.5 Right and  1.75 left.My left eye is weaker than the right one.
I started for a while now.,Bates eye improvement exercises like palming,sunning long swing ,reading small print(check for white space between the lines) every day.
I think I have some improvements. My biggest problem that I cannot get rid off , is double, triple(and more) vision.
This practice so far enabled me to read  with the eyes half open and a lot of blinking. Ass soon as I open them  fully the vision of letters come double or triple overlapping making the letters very difficult to distinguish. SO my concern is this an improvement or not? Or I'm squinting?
I\m not sure because After I relax my eyes by closing them or by palming If I open them half way like flashing I can see quite good.On the other hand this is similar with pinhole glasses effect.The fact is idk how to get rid of multiple visions.On the other hand Bates use this method of relaxing eyes and flashing eyes for a fraction of second which is also similar with pinhole effect.
I need an opinion I'm doing something right or I have to stop and deal differently with multiple visions. I'm  writing  this without glasses on bigger font and plenty blinking to see the letters better so I may confuse some letters.

Thanks for any support you may offer.
Try palming for half an hour then flash the letters for just a second.

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