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Cannabis and eyesight
Anyone have any experience with marijuana and improved vision? I have heard it could help with glaucoma but thats about it. 

In my personal experiences, it's had both positive and negative effects to my eyesight, mostly minute changes. But occasionally, if I'm in the right frame of mind, it can really help with being sensitive to my body/psyche which pushes me to focus on relaxation. I then have some real glimpses into clarity and, I think, clear flashes. It sort of puts one in a slightly different state to observe the world, thus giving you another vantage point to observe and improve yourself. 

I can't say I completely condone it, cause I've had that anxiety/paranoia increase after consuming that people talk about, but I'm theorizing that it is no fault of the herb. 

Though I know it's complex and probably includes many harmful and beneficial effects, I'd like to reach some more solid conclusions on this substance.

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