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a path towards 'normal sight'
Hello everyone !

I am writing this post with the glasses on my nose, and it seems like a failure to me.
I am presently in a dead-end with this 'eyes-reeducation' thing, and it affects me far too much.

I have been struggling on my lonely path towards 'normal sight' since 8 years now.

I wore glasses since the age of 4, after that I have been diagnosed with a slight strabismus, associated with slight hyperopia and astigmatism.
Strabismus was cured fast, but hyperopia and astigmatism remained.
My eyes prescription always remained the samed:
Right Eye: +0.50 (-0.50 145°)
Left Eye: +1.00 (-0.75 70°)

The main problem with my eyes is the pain; without glasses, my vision is '20/20' but this burning, aching feeling in the eyes almost never leaves, by close or far vision.

My path towards 'normal sight' began at the age of 20 (I am now 28), when I started to walk a lot through the city. I started to feel umcomfortable with my glasses : limitating my vision field, feeling their presence each moment on my nose, flattening the vision, deforming the colors, and so on... Something was wrong with the glasses, and I began to have difficulties to look through them, and I looked at them instead. Very embarrasing.

Looking for a solution without glasses, I discovered the brilliant work of Bates and the genius explanations from David, and full of hope, i set out on the path. I began little by little to be convinced by the relevance and the efficiency of the method. I am now fully convinced that it works in a way.

Besides, since my teen years, I am dealing with strong anxiety/depression/emotionnal issues, and life is a challenge each day. I began very early to take an interest in relaxation/meditation/yoga, in order to tackle the roots of those 'problems'. Through this practices, I builded a kind of
bodily hypersensitivity and a 'too-reflexive-consciousness'; I hope that some of you understand what I mean by that.

This hypersensitivity associated to eye-strain feels like hell in daily life, when the eyes are open. Although the Bates Method works in a way, I didn't manage to have steady improvements regarding eye-strain, and I must say that I am now exhausted; without glasses, there is too much pain, and after all those years I can't manage to make up my mind to wear glasses again.

I am stuck.

I would appreciate any comments that could help me !

A few questions among others:
1) Is it possible that such a low grade of hyperopia/astigmatism produces such pain in the eyes ?
2) Is this 'psychological self-reflexive-hypersensitivity' the core problem ?

With gratitude to the Bates Method and to this website and its contributors !

Hi Yanok,

Sounds like a difficult situation, have you tried to measure and keep track of your eyesight yourself ? This is an important step I believe. 
Looking at your prescription its not that bad, what is your progression till now ? Have you also tried putting on lower prescription glasses ?

I hope it helps,

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