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FDA about to ban supplementary nutrition products even in stores
Here's something to tone things down a little bit. This doesn't mean that Codex isn't a bad thing, it really is. But look at:

Fact & Fiction on the WTO's Codex Alimentarius #1 - Most comprehensive link disputing false claims about Codex

Fact & Fiction on the WTO's Codex Alimentarius #2 - Less information than above link, also excluding citations

Link from one of the citations in #1 above on what the different Codex committees want to do - From this site, you get the following:

"Finally, and perhaps most worrying of all, the Committee agreed to seek the approval of the Codex Alimentarius Commission to undertake new work on the inclusion of ethylene in the Guidelines for the Production, Processing, Labelling and Marketing of Organically Produced Foods. Ethylene is used to artificially induce fruits and vegetables to ripen whilst they are in transit, and as such its approval for use on organic foods would represent a disturbing step towards WTO-enforced acceptance of the same dubious and unnatural agricultural practices that their non-organic cousins are already subject to.

Why does Codex want to water down organic standards in this way? Simple. Organic foods promote better health than non-organic foods by virtue of their containing higher levels of micronutrients. In addition, of course, organic foods don't contain pesticides, residues of veterinary drugs or genetically-modified organisms. Good health is inimical to the "business with disease", and this ultimately makes organic foods a threat to the pharmaceutical and chemical cartel; not only because they promote better health, but also because they result in lower sales of pesticides and veterinary drugs – and thus in lower profits.

Moreover, and unlike genetically-modified seeds, organic seeds cannot be patented. As such, given that some of the major players in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, such as Bayer and BASF, are also major players in the biotech industry, it can easily be seen that the rising popularity of non-patentable organic foods is in fact a serious and growing threat to the profits of the "business with disease"."


Evidently, Codex is up to little good, so be sure to cast your petition.  The FDA intends to comply.

What I believe is important is that the public is aware of this ongoing matter and we are able to protect our civilian rights. It's sometimes difficult to understand what's going on at the international level, since it doesn't get the media's attention right away. We live in a democratic society and it should be government by the people, not people by the government.
There is an organization dedicated to consumer rights called the National Health Federation (NHF) that is about as non-inflammatory as it gets.


Established in 1955, the National Health Federation is an international consumer education, health-freedom organization working to protect individuals' rights to choose to consume healthy food, take supplements, and use alternative therapies without government restrictions. With consumer members all over the world, and a Board of Governors and Advisory Board containing representatives from 6 different countries, the Federation is unique as being the only consumer health-freedom organization in the world to enjoy official observer status (able to speak out for health freedom) at meetings of the Codex Alimentarius Commission, the highest international body on food standards.

National Health Federation - a not-for-profit consumer-education, health-freedom organization


Here is what NHF has to say about Codex:

Codex Overview
Summary of conclusions after careful investigating and double-checking of everything:

-The FDA "guidance" which commentary period closes April 30th, by itself, cannot become law - it is simply a clarifying of FDA thinking. There are regulations and legislation set in place which will stop cold in its tracks the FDA if it wants to cause a non-"free market" overtake of the market.

-The FDA is a strong supporter of Codex Alimentarius (Codex), as stated at the FDA website.

-Codex is the brainchild of a Nazi scientist named Fritz ter Meer, who owned the drug company IG Farben which was responsible for the manufacturing of Zyklon B, the poison gas used at the concentration camps that killed the Jews in WWII. IG Farben, after the Nuremberg War Trials, was disbanded but formed three drug companies. One of the drug companies, Bayer, was eventually led by the same Nazi scientist, Fritz ter Meer after he served a 7-year prison term.

-After the war, the German pharmaceutical and chemical industry remained the world's leading exporter of chemical products.

-There are respectable and time-tested organizations like National Health Federation which are fighting against Codex, a global threat to the free market. appears to be a dishonest organization, deliberately manipulating information according to and You'll see two different dates which the two urls posted on this (the first one is more updated) -- July 2006 and Jan. 2006.

The website has been misinforming everyone on several different levels. There are many things wrong with this website:

(1) they did not attempt to correct or discuss their mistakes, which indicates something suspicious about them
(2) when searching for Trilateral Cooperation Charter using the search engine, there was absolutely no mention of it to be found anywhere
(3) they give you no easy way to contact Congress immediately. There's an "Email Congress" section but it says, "This page is undergoing updating to account for the new Congress in session, and will be online again shortly." but no contact information for Congress is readily provided such as other organizations have done, e.g.
(4) the foundation was set up in 2005
(5) a Google search for the term "Codex" brings up this foundation's website at the very top, yet there are other organizations that have been around longer in fighting Codex than this organization

They did not attempt to correct their errors or even discuss their errors. Should be trusted? Some organizations think the website is a "spin" website designed to distract people from things like the FDA's Trilateral Cooperative Charter. It could be.

-The FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter, if a North American Union is formed without allowing the U.S. to remain a sovereign nation, could possibly try to bypass Congress to implement the strict Codex standards by merging Canada and Mexico's more strict regulations into the U.S. Whether this is true or false, what is important is that all citizens are aware of any possibilities and keep a close eye on the FDA and Trilateral Cooperation Charter, in order to make sure the FDA never has that kind of power.

Hope this clears up a lot of things. If anyone finds something to disclaim anything I've found, please make it known to everyone. This is my last reply. Take care.

FDA is one of the tools of the Illuminati (<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->) to control the world population and reduce it about 85% until 2050.
They have a nasty program out there that the public is not aware of, they want to lead the world to a One World Dictatorship, and to accomplish this a step by step program is being put under execution.
Take a look:
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The NASA Blue Beam Project is one of the most serious threats to humanity.
Just Google it and find out what a disaster it will bring about.
It seems that we are going to face very hard times in the near future, so we must get strong spiritually to overcome the problems.

There are currently about 2 million mind controlled slaves in the United States, they range from White House Secretaries to Hollywood Celebrities.
Brice Taylor is one of them:
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Get prepared for fighting the system of Mind Control with you Minds.


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